Karlos Arguiñano’s nifty trick makes canned peppers delicious in under a minute. A simple yet delicious dinner from a chef!

Do you want some chili? This is more or less the case, One of the most traditional and delicious recipes in Spanish cuisine. Chili peppers are a versatile ingredient that you can add to your weekly menu all year round, as they can be enjoyed hot or cold. Plus, they allow you to create a range of easy recipes!

this chili They can be added to salads, used as part of a filling, or even turned into a delicious sauce. You can also serve them in a roasted version by coating them with a little extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and, if you like, a bit of chopped garlic so they are ready to eat. Healthy, quick and delicious snacks. And, if you like, you can use leftover fish or meat from the day before, mix it with a sauce and enjoy some stuffed mini peppers that will wow your taste buds.

Today we will explain how to make canned chili peppers. An easy dish you can make in minutes. We did this with the help of Karlos Arguiñano, one of the most recognized Spanish chefs who has the best techniques to make recipes perfect. Take note of these simple tips so your next chili will be delicious, More flavor And the perfect texture and aroma.

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