Karlos Arguiñano’s secret to making perfect pancakes in less than 2 minutes with just four ingredients

Pancakes are one of them Simple, easy and delicious recipes Everyone loves it. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dessert, snack or dinner, sweet or salty, the possibilities for cooking these yeast-free pancakes are nearly endless. The limits are determined only by our imagination.

Crepe recipes have a long history, with Brittany region.It is understood that since fourteenth century These pancakes are cooked without yeast and accompanied by savory ingredients such as cheese, meat or fish. Later they start to be combined with sweet ingredients. By the 19th century, crepes had become a recognized dessert in luxury restaurants across France.Although it is common to eat them on the streets Street vendorsCrepes are so simple to make, so delicious and so versatile, they have become a delicacy. Make it at home.

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To learn how to make the easiest, fastest and most affordable version of this French recipe, there’s nothing better than following the advice below Carlos Aguignano, professional chef He doesn’t hesitate to share his cooking secrets with his audience. The Basque chef has made crepes, mostly with savory fillings, many times on the TV show.For this reason, Argignano Your own recipe, easy and very quickmake thin baked delicious pancakes.

Basque chef talks about four ingredients Make the crepe dough: milk, flour, eggs and olive oil. You only need to add sugar or salt to these four ingredients, depending on the flavor we want to fill the crepe with. In fact, this dough will be used to make sweet and savory crepes.

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The key to the aguignano recipe is simplicity. For the dough, we just added all the ingredients at once, no need to worry about sifting flour or carefully mixing.Once all the ingredients are together we will stir them together save time. After just one minute of using the hand mixer, our dough is ready to cook. It takes the chef less than two minutes in total to prepare the dough, which he will later use to make delicious crepes.

Recipes for Sweet and Savory Pancakes (PxHere)

While this version of crepes is designed to be a quick recipe, Basque chefs do recommend leaving Let the mixture sit In about a quarter of an hour, this step will guarantee a good result, without lumps and even. However, this is not a necessary step as we do not have to wait for the dough to rise as it does not contain yeast.

After mixing, if possible, we just pour it into the pot in small portions, nonstick frying pan. We have to wait for it to be ready, which only takes a few minutes. We will taste it according to our preference: more or less toasty.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Serving size: 2 people

raw material:

  • 2 eggs
  • 250 ml milk
  • 125g flour
  • splash of oil
  • salt or sugar

Detailed description:

  1. In a bowl or jar we add all the ingredients in the order we want.
  2. After preparing all the ingredients, we mix with a hand mixer for a few seconds until a lump-free dough forms.
  3. We open the non-stick frying pan and add the dough one ladle at a time. We must ensure that the dough rises sufficiently over the entire surface of the pan.
  4. When the edges start to fall off, we can turn it over with a spatula or fork, being careful not to break it.
  5. After cooking the second side for a few more seconds we will have pancakes and then we can move on to the next one.

If we prefer to make pancakes add a little salt, we can fill them with many different combinations. We can choose meat strips such as chicken or beef, various sausages or our favorite vegetables, although all of these are always better with a little cheese as the French do.all these are 10 ideas for delicious pancakes:

  • York ham cheese sauce
  • Carbonara: mushrooms, bacon, onions and liquid cream
  • Bolognese: with chicken, crushed tomatoes, onions and carrots
  • Asparagus and Brie
  • Serrano Ham and Arugula
  • Stir-fried prawns in pink sauce
  • Spinach and goat cheese
  • Mustard beef
  • Chives and cheese
  • Vegetables: bell peppers, spinach, mozzarella and pitted black olives

On the other hand, if we prefer to do our thing Pancakes with sweet ingredientswhether for breakfast, dessert or snack, and many other combinations. Fruits, jams, syrups and fruit creams Go-getters are always great allies. In addition to the classic chocolate chip pancake, here are 10 sweet pancake ideas:

  • Milk juice and banana slices
  • Melted dark chocolate and orange slices
  • Cheese with honey and walnuts
  • Pastry cream and apple slices, sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Yogurt with sesame or other types of seeds and apples
  • White chocolate with raspberries and blueberries
  • butter and jam
  • Caramel Apples with Cinnamon
  • Banana, coconut and milk chocolate chips
  • Forest fruits and condensed milk

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