Kate Winslet: Lee’s film because she thinks she’s brave

Leonardo DiCaprio:

And no. Kate Winslet he is no longer afraid. And he says this with pride. At 47 years old, she is a confident woman. Brave, to use her words. Who doesn’t need confirmation from others. Of course, he has to repeat this in the most difficult situations. But this does not cause her any problems.

He explained this well in an interview given before the actors’ strike. Where he talked about his latest film work. Display of a military photographer on the screen. IN Lee The English actress plays a character who actually existed. Military model and photojournalist Lee Miller.

Correspondent American Vogue During the Second World War. A determined and self-confident woman. That in all her years as a model, she never had a problem posing nude in front of the camera.

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Kate Winslet, a confident woman, explains why she calls herself “brave.” And she’s very proud of it (Ap photo)

Courage Kate Winslet

A challenge that Winslet accepted without hesitation. “I know better than to waste precious energy criticizing my body,” said the Oscar winner for the film. Reader. “I think it’s better for every woman to just say: I believe in myself. It doesn’t matter what others think. I’m like, let’s move forward.”

An exact reference to a scene from the film. Where the famous photo of Miller in which she is topless is recreated. “I had to be very brave to allow my body to be the softest version of itself and not hide,” Kate Winslet continued. “And believe me, people on our team told me, ‘Maybe it would be better if you sat a little straighter.’ And I answered: “Why? For the part of fat that is visible? No, that’s how it will be!”

Blame it on the Titanic

It wasn’t easy for the actress to reach this realization. Because the trauma he suffered has deep and distant roots. Associated with the film that made her a star. But it also made her go through some very difficult moments: Titanic.

“I think that (disinterest in beauty stereotypes) probably comes from the fact that I was subjected to terrible scrutiny and judgment, and frankly, I would even say bullying, from the mainstream media when I was in my twenties,” Winslet explained.

Star-studded cast for “Lee”

Lee just had its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival. In addition to Winslet, it stars Alexander Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough, Marion Cotillard, Josh O’Connor AND Andy Samberg. It chronicles Miller’s journey from model to war photographer.

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The film’s release date has not yet been officially announced. But in the UK it will be distributed by Sky Cinema.


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