Katy Perry is “haunted” and “sick” according to Russell Brand

Katy Perry is “sickened” by Russell Brand’s allegations and is “haunted” by their marriage. Fireworks star Perry was married to Brand in a short-lived union back in 2011 before he decided to divorce her, informing the singer of his decision via text message on New Year’s Eve.

A source said: “It’s a nightmare for everyone and it’s making Katie sick. She (Katie) can’t believe she was married to someone who was accused of such terrible things.” The insider continued: “She’s afraid marrying Russell was the worst decision she’s ever made.”

“Katie has moved on with her life, but her first marriage may end up following her to her grave. You can imagine how upset this was for her,” the source said, according to OK! magazine. It came 48 hours after Brand thanked his supporters for “questioning” the rape and sexual assault allegations against him.

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The 48-year-old has strongly denied the allegations made by four women in an investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times and Channel 4 Dispatches. He said: “I am very grateful to you for your support and for questioning the information you were given.”

He said: “You probably already know that the British government has asked major tech platforms to censor our online content and that some online platforms have complied with this request. But what you may not know is that this is happening in the context of the Online Safety Bill, which is a piece of UK legislation that provides sweeping powers of surveillance and censorship, which has already been passed.”

He said: “It is clear that these organizations collaborate to create narratives, whether it is a war or a pandemic, and of course there are other examples. It’s very clear to me that we really have to be very, very careful.”

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