Keri Hilson ‘ready’ to return to music after ‘years of struggle’

Keri Hilson said earlier this year that she plans to finally release new music, and while that hasn’t happened yet, she now says she’s ready.

The singer appeared in the new episode of Tank and J. Valentine’s. R&B money The podcast was published on Saturday (October 14) and explains the long delay in the new body of work since 2010. Boys are not allowed.

“It took a second; a lot of things happened that prevented that from happening,” she said. “I blame it on one thing, but in reality it was years of struggle. I’ve been through it, but I’m free and ready.”

She continued, “We’re starting to have meetings to figure out how we want to do it (and) where we want to do it.”

You can watch the full interview below:

Back in February, Keri Hilson said on Behind the mask podcast about fans possibly getting her long-awaited third studio album in 2023.

“I can say that (the new album) answers the questions,” Hilson said. “I can say I’m proud of it. And I can say that there were several false starts. They weren’t all me! There was some kind of, I don’t know, fake PR or fans creating fake press releases and fake tweets.

“But there were some false starts, and right before my dad died, I was definitely responsible for that because that’s what I planned to do, and then it happened,” she continued. “But I feel like I’m closer now.”

While she didn’t give an exact release date, the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer said she firmly believes the project will drop “this year.”

Keri Hilson shoots 'Beautiful' Tyler, the Creator

Keri Hilson shoots ‘Beautiful’ Tyler, the Creator

“I’ve been wondering lately if I want to go back and record something else,” she added. “I was wondering if I wanted to freshen it up a little and liven it up. I was inspired to write…”

Boys are not allowed executive produced by Timbaland and Paulo da Don, it featured the likes of Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Kanye West, J. Cole, Nelly and Timbaland himself. The project debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 102,000 copies.

Keri Hilson has starred in many films over the years, including the hit 2012 film. Think like a person with Regina Hall, Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union.

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