Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian and More Get Candid in New Maverick Carter Interview Series

Maverick Carter asks some Hollywood celebrities how they became successful.

Carter, LeBron James’ childhood friend and CEO of their entertainment development company SpringHill Company, goes one-on-one with rapper Jeezy, Kerry Washington, Mark Cuban, Shonda Rhimes, Kim Kardashian and more in his new series “Mavericks with Mav.” Carter,” which will debut October 11 on YouTube.

On October 9, SpringHill exclusively shared the trailer for the new series with

In each of the eight episodes, a guest will share the first step they took to get to where they are today. “If I feel stuck, the way to get out of it is to do something,” the Scandal actor says in the trailer.

Guests will also talk about major discoveries that changed their approach to life. “I don’t have to live for anyone else anymore,” Jeezy says. “Because when I lived for people, I died.”

Carter spoke to about the series’ intentions.

“At SpringHill, we create the most culturally relevant content that is deeply rooted in our mission of empowerment. Mavericks is special to me because I can delve deep into my curiosity and ask questions that reveal why and how the Mavericks themselves do the amazing things they do. Personally, I learned a lot from the guests in this first season, and I think our viewers will too,” he said.

Kerry Washington is Carter’s first guest. In the episode, she talks about her generally personal relationship with husband Nnamdi Asomugha and closing the “emotional gap” between her and her parents that she says was present when she was a child.

Maverick Carter and Kerry Washington sit and talk.  (Springhill Company)

Maverick Carter and Kerry Washington sit and talk. (Springhill Company)

Washington says she “had strong feelings all the time” as a child, but her mother was more private. She was “not a very emotionally expressive person” and therefore kept Washington from relying on his emotions.

“I was a very dramatic child, my mother tells me,” she says. “One of the messages I received as a child was that experiencing strong emotions in real life is not normal.”

Washington describes the impact this system had on her as an adult.

“In intimate relationships, as in marriage, I had to learn how to experience strong emotions and, like, how people don’t run away, and that was such a gift as I became an adult,” she says.

The full episode of Washington’s Mavericks with Maverick Carter premieres on YouTube on October 11th. New episodes of the show will air every second Wednesday.

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