Keys to reducing the impact of the flu

The Surgeon General developed a plan to minimize the impact of the flu.

Within the framework of the influenza vaccination campaign, the Spanish Association of Health Directors (SEDISA), in collaboration with Sanofi, has developed a concrete and practical plan based on preventive strategies aimed at minimizing the impact of influenza.The program has… + Read more

SEDISA and SEFC promote the correct use of medicines

The agreement defends the importance of research, treatment innovation and promoting appropriate use of medicines. + read more

Key Challenges in Admission and Clinical Documentation Services

Patricia Alonso Fernández, member of the SEDISA Board of Directors and Associate Physician in the Admissions Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, and Rafael Alonso Fernández, member of the SEDISA Board of Directors and former Regional Health Manager of the State of Castilla and León. Rafael López Iglesias was present during the first debate of the SEDISA Foundation focusing on admissions services. + read more

SEDISA brings together experts to promote optimal management of health professionals

The meeting will be opened by Excma. Ms. Fatima Matut, Minister of Health of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. + read more

SEDISA and SEGG champion excellence in health management training

An agreement has been signed between the Spanish Society of Health Directors (SEDISA) and the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG). + read more

SEDISA and Becton Dickinson commit to sustainable healthcare

The two entities signed a partnership agreement that includes a commitment to improving the safety of patients and healthcare professionals as well as the quality and efficiency of healthcare processes. + read more

SEDISA and SERAM alliance focuses on health management in diagnostics

One of the goals is to enhance the training and development of health professionals in this area. + read more

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