Khloe Kardashian asks people to take her whale phobia into account

Photo: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Probably not the biggest fans of the ocean, these Kardashians. The watery depths of the ocean have not only swallowed up one of Kim’s diamond earrings, but it’s also apparently home to one of Khloe’s biggest fears. As it turned out during the premiere of the fourth season of the series Kardashian, Chloe is afraid of whales. “I understand this is a very irrational fear, but I can’t control my phobia,” she explained on X (formerly Twitter). “It’s so bad I can’t even watch them on video, my sister’s DM whale video because they find it funny 🫠lol.” Chloe added that she also has a “low-key” fear of the ocean, but these sea mammals scare her so much she can’t even look at pictures of them. Of course, admitting this fact online is a surefire way to find yourself inundated with unwanted whale photos. “Can you guys please stop sending me whale tweets? I’m going to log out,” Khloe finally tweeted. “This is too much lol, it really makes me feel uneasy.” Yes, maybe it’s time to move these conversations to the “Not Chloe” group chat.

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