Kim Kardashian: Between Business, Family and Prison Activism. His secret? Calmly

How did you get involved in the process?
I had to testify in court. I was there every day with my boyfriend. I was only 14, you know.

There is something monastic in your home and office, lack of clutter, minimalism, monochrome, calmness. Maybe in a past life you were some kind of priestess.
I recently had an encounter with a medium who told me that my soul had done so much work in past lives that the way I deal with stress and pressure has now completely waned. It is true that during a crisis I am stressed, but I can solve the problems of many people in emergency situations. Until now, I have never let anything bring me down.

The way you handled your separation from your husband was one of the most graceful I have ever seen in show business.
Thank you! Sometimes you really don’t have a choice. Would I have improved the situation if I had acted differently? No. Would I make it worse? Yes, I think at some point you will have to come to terms with the fact that you will not have the last word, and you will not be able to tell your truth. But I had a great example from my parents and it helped me. It makes me want to be an example for my children too.

As Sun Tzu said, “If you wait along the river long enough…”. Maybe there is no reason to set the record straight. It’s important not to react.
One hundred percent, yes. I think sometimes people can be very reactive and that doesn’t help the situation. It won’t make problems go away any faster.

It seems like a new Kim has entered the scene, both aesthetically and spiritually. I wonder how you welcome it and what you leave behind.
I feel like there’s a new me, it’s true. Before, my security came from a partner I trusted a lot. When this happens, you lose your instincts. Now I’m at a point where I just want to do the right thing. I want to appreciate the people around me, mind my own business and value relationships with children. As for what I want to leave behind, I’m not the type to forget where it came from. I am grateful for everything, even the pain.

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