Kim Kardashian bursts into tears over Kanye West’s anti-Semitic statements

Kim Kardashian is starting to feel the brunt of Kanye West’s behavior. During the new edition of the reality show Kardashian, the socialite burst into tears after her ex-husband made headlines earlier this year following several anti-Semitic rants and public drama. Kim hears West’s words for the first time that she no longer recognizes the man she once had a crush on.

“I’m not okay,” she tells Chloe’s sister before bursting into tears. “Today I had a very hard day.”

At the end of 2022 during the filming of the current season KardashianWest began what would eventually become an antisemitic press tour. West caused controversy during a Yeezy show in October when he wore a T-shirt that read “White Lives Matter”. Refusing to back down, West then doubled down on the insult and accused the “Jewish media” of censoring him and having plans against him. After the threatsdeath with 3 on the jewish people(an obscure and possibly confusing reference to a state of readiness for defense – DEFCON is a military term in the face of a threat) and continuing to spout the same hateful rhetoric on various platforms and in interviews, several companies cut ties with him, including JP Morgan Chase, CAA, Vogue, Balenciaga and, most notably, Adidas, who ended a billion dollar deal with the rapper.

Kim said she missed the man that was West. “It bothers me. He is so different from the man I married, loved and remember. I would do anything to get that person back.” But after years of protecting West from himself, Kim said she no longer knew how to help him. “I feel so sorry for him,” she explains to Chloe. “I don’t even think he feels bad. I don’t even know if he can do it.”

“It breaks my heart to see Kim suffer like this,” Khloé adds during a candid interview. “I wish I could do something. This feeling of helplessness. Watching E is like watching a car crash in slow motion. I feel terrible about everything.”

At the beginning of the controversy fueled by West, Kim vaguely condemned her ex-husband’s words in a tweet, but never mentioned his name. “Hate speech is never normal or forgivable,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram. “I join the Jewish community in calling for an immediate end to the horrendous violence and hateful rhetoric directed against them.” But after this statement, nothing more. Kim lived as if nothing had happened. And the star has been criticized for not speaking more, and it has sometimes been claimed that her silence was a form of complicity.

“I feel guilty for posting something in support of the Jewish community and today people downloaded it. Is it my fault?” he wonders. “I pushed them and I should have shut up? But I say what I think about everything else. I never know what to do.”

Of her decision not to say anything more about West at the time, Kim said she was torn between standing up for her beliefs and respecting the father of their four children.

“This whole situation is sad. I don’t know how to deal with her emotionally. I’m in a crisis,” he says. “I don’t want to be part of the downfall of the father of my children.”

But if Kim doesn’t dare, Khloe clarifies the family’s position on West: “He had so many opportunities to take back his words and he always took them. None of us share these anti-Semitic views. We think it’s serious. We are all well aware of the next thing Kanye has and how his words can be used to annoy people.”

And Khloe also made sure her sister understood that just because Kim raised West doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to still care for him: “I think our silence speaks louder, and what you did, not so bad. What you have done has nothing to do with what is happening now, it is normal that you cry, it is normal that you have feelings,” she adds.

Earlier this season, without going into detail about what West said or did at the time, Kim briefly spoke about her relationship with the rapper and why she kept quiet for so long. “I sincerely believe that one day my children will appreciate my silence, my understanding and my mercy. I will always do my best.”

Kim said that she refuses to be the reason her children have a bad relationship with their father, and that no matter how much her words and actions hurt her, she will do everything not to show it in front of her children. “In their eyes, I will be his biggest fan,” she explains. “One day, when they understand, I will answer any of their questions, but right now there is a lot to digest.”

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