Kim Kardashian has passed 6 million, 8 photos on the beach, if any

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian decided to once again blow up the Internet. The reality TV star and multimillionaire businesswoman was reluctant to enjoy the sun on the beach until she decided on the other hand to challenge her fitness and modesty by doing a gymnastics stunt in a bikini that left everyone spoiled.

Kim, known for his impressive social presence and his famous clothing line SKIMS, she posted a series of other photos on Instagram that showed her performing “la rueda.” The 42-year-old celebrity, not exactly a high-end deporteur, opted for an equally terrible idea: a black thong and a white shirt that left little to the imagination. In the images, social life begins with arms raised high, demonstrating the desire to play with clothes. Then, without any visible effort, lower your hands to the ground and raise your legs until you reach a position of perfect balance. The image sequence captures every moment of this physical project.

Reaction of his followers in social circles

Fast, Kim’s famous friends like Paris Hilton and Jonathan Van Ness reacted enthusiastically in the comments.. Paris Hilton wrote “Sliving” and Jonathan Van Ness exclaimed, “OMG queen, what a gorge.” It seems Kanye West’s ex has lost everything because of her unexpected talent.

How could one hope Social media was flooded with comments and reactions after the most famous member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan shared the post.. The comments were no longer encouraging, with one user even saying, “Thanks to Kim Kardashian for putting your gym on the map.” Another follower called Kim’s famous song “GymnASStic” in a brilliant play on words. However, one of the most talked about comments was about famous gymnast Simone Biles, calling her “Kimone Biles.”

Kim Kardashian wants to break a new record

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s post received more than 6.2 million likes and more than 39,000 comments on Instagram., putting it on track to become the most popular photo of the year and a viral phenomenon. With a follower base of over 364 million, this move seems completely out of the question for the red social media queen.

Even Kim Kardashian isn’t an Olympic athlete, yeahcontinue to maintain ties with the sports world. As for the SKIMS brand, he was the official patron of Team USA at the Verano Olympic Games in Tokyo. This collaboration has had an impact on the fashion and sports industry, demonstrating that it can succeed in any field it enters. Playing for the highly publicized song “I Like It”, it’s safe to say that Kim is getting top marks from some of her followers.

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