Kim Kardashian, who quarrels with her sister Kourtney over Andrea Bocelli: “It’s not yours”

Kim Kardashian very attached to Andrea Bocelli because opera singers performed at their Marriage with rapper Kanye WestThe wedding was celebrated in 2014 at Forte di Belvedere, a Florence, Andrea, as the American entrepreneur has said, “is my favorite singer of all time, I have incredible affection and respect for her”. Although their marriage failed after only 6 years, her passion for the opera singer, on the contrary, did not die out.

in the latest episode of kardashianThe Show That “Follows” the Family the kardashians Between work commitments and family matters, Kim has had to face lengthy arguments with her sister Kourtney Kardashian and the opera singer is at the center of the discussion. Andrea Bocelli, the reason? both sisters want it, and Controversy This brought tension to the stars.

Let us see in detail what happened.

despite Relationship between Kim Kardashian And kourtney kardashian Life has never been pleasant, in recent times the situation has worsened voltage The relationship between the two is touching the sky. Cause to be found in Marriage her older sister (Courtney) Italy last year with Blink-182 drummer, travis barker,

during a big party Portofinowas the setting for the scenery dolce and gabbana and their “Dolce Vita”, the wedding theme, Andrea Bocelli was the surprise guest who mesmerized the guests with her scintillating performance.
Kim Kardashian found it very disrespectful to her sister kourtney kardashian invite option Andrea Bocelli To sing: “She’s my favorite singer of all time, and she knows it.”

But initially he did not say anything and continued the party. Back in America, Kim begins his collaboration dolce and gabbanaUnbeknownst to her older sister, the theme of the fashion collection was exactly that: “La Dolce Vita”, the theme of Courtney’s wedding. it must have been a Chance or one dig well targeted?

The quarrel had already been announced and at the time of the confrontation both the sisters said different things. Worst charge? Having no personality and copying others. «Andrea Bocelli was the surprise singer at my wedding, he is the artist I respect most in the world and you know it. But you have no personality and you have to copy everything I do,” Kim Kardashian told her sister, who wanted to repeat instead: “Andrea’s amazing, why can’t I have her at my wedding? It’s not just yours.”

Poor Andrea Bocelli However, he found himself embroiled in a very heated discussion Art And its TalentSo much so that even in foreign countries there was a struggle for this.

sisters the kardashiansThen, They agreed at the time of Kourtney’s pregnancy announcement.

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