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One of my new hobbies Kim Kardashian it’s definitely football. Not only was she spotted in a vintage T-shirt from Romebut several times Kim she went to the stadium to enjoy the match. In London to followarsenalin Paris to see in the field Paris Saint Germain and now also Osakain Japan, for a friendly match betweenAn-Nasr And PSG.

Naturally, occasions like this can only be an excuse for the super-powerful personality to showcase unique outfits and accessories, which can be seen as she walks down the concrete steps of a Japanese stadium in concentration.

Kim Kardashian with Birkin Himalaya

Founder’s Ensemble Removes it is white to withstand the heat of Japan’s “food capital”. Fitted tank top, high-waisted baggy trousers. Balenciaga and a pair of blue shoes that contrast with the rest of the outfit. And finally, perfect in palette one Hermes Birkin which he is holding.

However, be careful, because Kim it’s not just a bag. yes of course it is one Birkins – which in itself makes it an exclusive luxury accessory – but more than that, it is one of the Himalayas, an object of desire, which collectors around the world consider the “Holy Grail” of bags.

Himalayas – which can be one Birkins or one Kelly – it is made from the skin of a Nile crocodile, and it is the denomination that indicates not the origin of the bag, but a subtle gradation of color: its gray color, turning into pearly white, resembles the mountain range of Asia.

Refined, difficult to work with, made of fine and precious materials – these are the reasons why Birkin Himalayas andn an object of inestimable value, or almost. May 2017 Christy in Hong Kong The 10.23-carat diamond-encrusted model was auctioned for £293,000 (over €340,000) and again in 2020. Christiethe Niloticus crocodile model with white gold details and diamonds was bought by an anonymous buyer for £231,000 (nearly €269,000).

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