Kim Kardashian with the most coveted of the Birkin Himalaya bags

Naturally, these occasions can only be an excuse for super influence to showcase unique outfits and accessories, which can be seen as she walks down the concrete steps of a Japanese stadium in concentration.

Founder’s Ensemble Skims it’s white to withstand the heat of Japan’s “food capital”. Fitted tank top, high-waisted baggy trousers Balenciaga and a pair of blue shoes that contrast with the rest of the outfit. And finally, one beautifully aged in the palette Hermes Birkin which he is holding.

Be careful, however, that Kim it’s not just a bag. yes of course it is one Birkins – which in itself makes it an exclusive luxury accessory – but in addition, it is one Himalayas, an object of desire that collectors from all over the world consider the “Holy Grail” of bags.

Himalayas – what could be one Birkins or one Kelly – it is made from the skin of a Nile crocodile, and, in fact, the denomination does not refer to the origin of the bag in terms of fine gradation of color: its gray, turning into pearl white, is reminiscent of Asian mountain ranges.

Exquisite, difficult to work with, made from exquisite and precious materials, these are the reasons why Birkin Himalayasn an object of inestimable value, or almost. May 2017 Christie’s in Hong Kong auctioned a 10.23-carat diamond-encrusted model for £293,000 (over €340,000) and again in 2020. Christie’sthe Niloticus crocodile skin model with white gold and diamond details was purchased by an anonymous buyer for £231,000 (nearly €269,000).

Therefore, a rare specimen Kim he holds on tight and tries to keep it in the best possible way by using it for several walks. Here, in fact, Birkin Himalayas in 2014 on a date with my sister Courtney or even, two years later, in Paris with an ex-husband Kanye West, always combining it with a frank look.

A dream that few can afford, an accessory that can make a splash when it opens. We are facing an even higher level of luxury, and even if everyone is free to do whatever they please, Kim impartial advice should be given: The stadium is perhaps not the most suitable place to walk around with such a precious bag.

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