Kim Petras: ‘My fans love having sex with my music’

“Feed the Beast”, “Nutriere la Bestia”: this is how Kim Petras has chosen the name of her debut album, out this Friday, June 23. and find out if it’s asexual signals – “Slut Pop”, “Pop da Troia”, was the title of an EP released last year – or if the animal that wants to feed on the first trans artist to top the US best-selling singles chart has some have to do with have to do with discography machine, ,A lot of my fans like to have sex with my music. Every time he says this to me, he pays me the biggest compliment. turn it on, girls”, says she, who has already been one of the most talked about, discussed and commented on characters in pop across the Atlantic for a few months now and is now preparing to become one on this side of the ocean as well.

Coming after the huge success of “Feed the Beast”.unholy”, single in doubles Sam Smith, another spokesperson for the global gay community, which has allowed the couple to achieve remarkable goals in recent months. Not only the gold medal in the Billboard Hot 100, the ranking of the most popular singles in America, writing history. not only me 27 platinum record won on the world stage with something like 25 million equivalent copies sold between downloads and streaming, not just Grammy Award Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Singles quota exceeded on Spotify 1 billion plays: “With Sam Smith we wanted to make a dirty, really raunchy pop song and be funny.

We succeeded and I am happy because we had a lot of fun in the studio. We smoked a lot of weed and it was really fun – said Kim Petras in an interview with Forbes – Sam encouraged me to be myself. I sang a bitch verse on a bitch song that won a bitch a Grammy and a bitch got first place. More songs like this? ‘Dirty’ by Christina Aguilera. ‘Slave 4 U’ by Britney Spears. ‘Perfect’ by Princess Superstar. And then “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue and “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. “I enjoy seeing your splendor,” wrote Smith, who in 2019 published an appeal to fans on social media revealing she considers herself non-binary – on Instagram, announcing the couple . “Even today I feel there are prejudices. But I think people are starting to think that maybe a trans artist can do this and become a real pop star,” said Petras, who as a child was exposed to strong media interest in her transition path. I became famous, which happened a long time ago.

The German singer was at the height of her teenage years in 2009 when she was only 17 years old. became the youngest person to undergo sex change surgeryUndergoing vaginoplasty surgery after starting hormones since the age of 12. This was a transformation into the public sphere, told on TV, the Internet and in newspapers as a kind of reality show. At age 30, Kim Petras recused herself from that case: “I was suicidal from a very young age until my teenage years. There was no medical treatment locally, so from the age of 10 my parents took me all over Germany to find doctors to treat me – he recalled in a long interview with The Guardian – He inspired me to get the help I needed and believed in me.

A doctor traced by the family told a German TV channel: ‘I was the youngest child she treated. So he started treating me by capturing everything on camera. I am still haunted by the fact that I grew up facing ridicule on national television. I just innocently wanted to help other trans kids and that made me the freak of the town. But it also pushed me: I knew I would have to get out of my city, and probably out of the country. I made it my goal” and then: “I’m so lucky that my family supported me. If not, I would have had to do sex work to pay for my change. When that’s the case, you need money urgently, and sex work is one way to get it. That’s what many of my friends have done.”

Kim Petras began recording music as a young girl while she was working as a model for a chain of German beauty salons, dreaming of moving to America: “In Germany it was not like that for me. There was no opportunity to make pop music like I wanted to make.

I started saving up for the plane as a waitress. It took a while for my songs to be heard in Los Angeles. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know how to move on,'” he told Galore Magazine. In 2014 he signed a publishing contract with BMG: “This allowed me to obtain a visa and work legally in the United States”. ,As of 2021, he was still releasing his music independently., “I’ve visited every single gay club in the United States, and I think that’s a fact. I’ve built my fan base by going from 100 tickets sold to 10,000 ticket shows.” first satisfaction if taken as Authorsigning songs for others (including “reminds me of you” Of The Kid LaRoi and Juice WRLD, Not without difficulty. It was she herself who said this in an interview with the Washington Blade, a newspaper closely tied to the community, in 2019, two years before she signed to Republic Records (the same label as Ariana Grande, Drake and Post Malone, among others). Told. LGBTQ+ American, Revealing that she was a victim of transphobia: “There was a woman in a position of power who used to say to others, ‘If you work with Kim you’ll go to hell, because she’s trans.'”

Sam Smith wasn’t the only pop legend to believe in him. In “halo“, the single that follows “If Jesus Was a Rockstar” and “Brrr,” hopes to release “Feed the Beast” in favor of Nicki Minaj: “I started as a writer.

Several sessions in I thought: ‘I’d like to try to write something for Nicky.’ This has inspired me for a long time. The ‘Pink Friday’ album literally changed my life. I remember standing in line to buy that CD. I made a lot of songs thinking, ‘Niki’s going to go crazy for this.’ But in ‘Alone’ it was Nicki who loved the song. She explains that pop has always been an escape route for her: “.I’ve always built a different persona based on records. Sometimes I’m a super brat, killer or, like on the last record, a huge slut, “Feed the Beast” consists of fifteen tracks on which Kim Petras collaborated with celebrities from the international pop scene such as Dr. Luke, Blake Slatkin, Omar Fedy, Jimmy Naps and Rami Yacoub, it will happen, he anticipates, plenty sensuous lyrics and heavy electronics, But Petras hopes she’ll be able to do more with her music than conquer clubs with danceable beats: “It’s a scary time for transgender people and I think there’s really a lot that needs to be understood.” is,” he told the Guardian. The trans community and I just hope that I can be the person to make them forget those issues and just have some fun.”

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