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We’ve heard that singer-songwriter King is set to collaborate with American rapper Gucci Mane. For his recently released album New Life, King will team up on tracks with Gucci Mane and Julia Michaels.
Maan Meri Jaansinger and Wake up in the sky the singer will take part in the single entitled We are the ones – a statement filled with menacing electronic sounds and racing drum rhythms led by David Arkwright (Bella PoarchNCT Dream). We are the ones it is King’s second major international collaboration, following his crossover hit. Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife) with Nick Jonas earlier this year.
Talking about his second international collaboration, King exclusively shares with us, “I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Gucci Mane on this track, which not only marked an important moment for the global journey of the current Indian music scene, but also a phenomenal moment for me personally. It’s a fusion of two different worlds: hip-hop meets new wave, and together we create a huge anthem of rage that knows no boundaries. Gucci Mane’s legacy in trap music is undeniable, and now we’re here to redefine the game.”

'Maan meri jaan' singer King will release his new album 'New Life' on this day.

‘Maan meri jaan’ singer King will release his new album ‘New Life’ on this day.

At the moment, Crown And Sarkaare, are two tracks released from the album. At a time when the Indian charts are usually dominated by the music of Bollywood artists with decades of experience, King’s latest album Talk about champagnecollected over 1 billion streams across all platforms with his popular track Maan Meri Jaanit alone has amassed over 891 million streams.

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