kisses at Beyoncé’s concert

Kylie Jenner AND Timothee Chalamet they are one of those couples that no one ever expected. Rumors about their supposed attendance they became more and more insistent until they both decided to go outside. What better way to legitimize their relationship than concert From Beyoncéon his day birthday?

Perhaps, deep down, the boys hoped to remain unnoticed. But if during one of Queen B’s most romantic songs Timothy kiss Kylie, it’s getting a little hard to pretend like nothing happened.

Let’s see what happened and how Timothy’s fans took this news.

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Kylie Jenner AND Timothee Chalamet they formalized their relationship during concert From Beyoncé in which they participated together. She came with her supermodel sister. Kendall Jenner, but as soon as she saw her beloved, she ran to him to enjoy the concert together. After caresses, hugs and words whispered in the ear, a kiss confirming them love story.

Fans’ reaction

However, fans didn’t seem to take it very well. “But is this all real? I don’t believe it,” one girl commented. Although American tabloids have repeatedly reported some rumors about them. connectionfans were reluctant to take the news seriously, at least until today.

However, there are still those who hope that this is all a media stunt conceived by the “momager.” Kris JennerKylie Jenner’s daughter and the inspiration behind it all scandals about the Kardashian family: “Kris is behind all this, I don’t lose hope that Tim will remain single,” a fan wrote.

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