Kourtney Kardashian is fed up with the criticism of her new style

One of the hottest topics when it comes to the Kardashian theme is Kourtney’s chameleonic style. In his case, however, the term does not assume the meaning of versatility and versatility, but of imitation of the characteristics of the look of the boyfriend who is next to her at the moment. We went from the boho chic of Scott Disick’s times to the punk rock of Travis Barker, without forgetting the athleisure one with Younes Bendjima. Seldom does the eldest of the Kardashian sisters respond to these criticisms except with some Instagram stories in which he proves that his outfits were rock long before he met the Blink 182 drummer.

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Evidently, the photos didn’t convince the most skeptics and, in the last Instagram post in which she shows off her latest rock wife outfits, someone thought it best to comment: «So little Kourtney. He was so classy. I wonder what his family thinks of his new style.’ Soon came Mrs. Barker’s comment: ‘Oooh curious minds will surely want to know. She is so charming.’ I honestly would have thought of a better answer. but we have had confirmation that, for her, from the suits all in lace and bows to the over t-shirt with amphibians, absolutely nothing has changed. Well aware, moreover, that his style does not like his family: sister Khloe told her without hesitation that she didn’t like her wedding dress at all.

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Also in the same post, Kourtney continued with the comments by responding to her husband who said “Mrs. Barker”: yet another statement that now the founder of Poosh she falls under the wives of rock artists and, as such, has a definite style to follow. I just hope Travis Barker doesn’t decide to drastically change his way of dressing, otherwise his wife will have to revolutionize her wardrobe once again.

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