Kuwaiti journalist criticizes harassment of Israel by armed factions in Gaza and then calls for Arab help – Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti journalist Ali Al-Fadala called for the elimination of armed organizations, the imposition of a just peace between Palestine and Israel and the guarantee that the war between them will not be renewed again because the Gulf states are tired of these issues.

Al-Fadala said, in a video clip published on his account on platform X, that we do not accept the deaths of innocent people in Gaza and call for a ceasefire.

What will happen after the end of the war?

He asked: “What will happen after the ceasefire? And what will happen after the reconstruction of Gaza?” And she continued: “If Hamas responds again, Israel will respond and invade Gaza… We have been doing this for 60 years.”

He added: We want stability for the Palestinian people, and Palestinian-Israelis agree in Oslo on a just and comprehensive peace in accordance with international treaties and agreements and a solution to this problem.

Hizb allah

He criticized the organizations’ control over countries, as Hezbollah does when Hassan Nasrallah launches an attack on Israel, destroying Lebanon. They appeal to the Gulf to rebuild the country, asking: “Why these barbaric actions? We want to stabilize. Now innocents have died because of your actions. Now lives are being lost because of Hamas. You want to fight the spirit of. .. “Emotional talk doesn’t get results.”

Ali Baba’s cave

Al-Fadhala called for stability so that people can see their future, saying: “We want stability for Palestine in their state, and this is not our concern. Every time they destroy, then they say: ‘O Arabs, where are you? we. This won’t happen. I won’t open Ali Baba’s cave to you.”

Lay down your weapons and live in peace

He appealed to all Arabs, Muslims and countries to sit at the United Nations in the presence of Israel and establish peace, end the issue, end the organizations, lay down their weapons and live in peace for the stability of the countries, saying : ” We are tired.”

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