Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet: new photos that dispel rumors about the crisis

They started dating Last springThere are no discussions about this. It arrived in June first paparazzi shot who pictured them together during a garden party. Then, in late July and early August, someone suggested that the couple was in crisis, but others quickly denied the report. So, Kylie Jenner AND Timothy Chalamet they are together?

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Judging by the latest photos published daily mail, it looks exactly like this. British tabloid, in fact, immortalized luxury two tone SUV model when she drove up to the actor’s house, Los Angeles. “Kylie went to Timothy after a good shopping session“- reads the reconstruction of the cap, which depicts a girl born in 1997 in jeans, t-shirt and mask.

Images that actually dispel the rumors about hypothetical breakup: “He says that the report it’s already over because both are too busy and always traveling“, – said the source Lifestyle. “Friends say that Kylie was loaded“. Words that caused an immediate reaction .tmz extensionThe gossip site is always very informed. “All fakethey are together”.

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“We heard from several people very close to the couple and we were assured that it does not exist endless“, added the American site, “despite the fact that two lovers long time no see“. The last shot of Kylie being escorted to Timothy’s house. team safetyseems to support this hypothesis. But now the fans would like something extra it confirms the love story.

appearance together at some public event, who knows, or even just cute selfie Social.

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