Kylie Jenner Idea for Fall 2023

red nailsdetail of eternal beauty, find a new partner in the summer of 2023: square shape. A daring combination crafted by Kylie Jenner’s now-popular Zola Ganzorigt, creator of Glazed Donut Nails, as well as trusted nail artist Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens and, among others, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, manicures. -art brings a breath of fresh air to seasonal trends. With a pigment reminiscent of the label color and effervescence of Ferrero’s historic signature drink, le Coca Cola Nails they emphasize monochromatic and neat nails to give the summer look a definite charm. Full of character but not exaggerated, they strike a balance by choosing a moderate length that allows you to define the perimeter while remaining quite discreet.

Square Red Nails: A Winning Combination for Fall 2023

Whether you call it summer red or coca-cola red, it’s important that the icing chosen to reproduce the effect is bright and clean, with the blue base accentuating its liveliness. In Kylie Jenner’s Succubus Chic make-up pendant, highlighted in photos by rather elongated and seductive eye makeup, red finds a partner in a square shape that highlights the allure of a manicure suitable for the few and wearable. only if you feel it with your strings. To get a square shape like red nail art chosen by the entrepreneur for fall 2023whose 80s vibe captivates at first sight, the main thing is to achieve the perfect size, which, therefore, allows you to create a straight line on the tips of the nails.

If naturally they are not long enough, then it is necessary to use a gel reconstruction, with which you can add the missing millimeters. Once the base is ready, it remains only to gently file the nail. To do this and create the characteristic 90-degree angles, it’s good to start at the front of the nail and then work your way to the sides. Once the shape is in place, we move on to the application of nail polish, which in gel form, regular or semi-permanent, will give square nails a fresh and determined look.

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