Kylie Jenner is in a summer playsuit latex and looks good with fur slippers

Kylie Jenner is the protagonist of the advertising campaign for the new Kylie Cosmetics collection. Anticipating his bold latex look, he shared a sneak peek on social media.

Kylie Jenner She is no longer just the little sister of Kim Kardashian who became famous thanks to the family reality show, she is an actual entrepreneur who has built an empire that bears her name. Type Kylie Cosmetics Which he launched several years ago, is famous all over the world and seeing dizzying earnings, has helped him enter the ranking of America’s young billionaires. The secret to his success? He personally takes care of the creation of products and their promotion, becoming the protagonist of advertising campaigns launched season by season: here are photos “stolen” from the backstage that anticipate new shoots.

Kylie Jenner’s Britney Spears look

What would the new Kylie Cosmetics campaign look like? In the name of sensuality and to prove it, the pictures that the entrepreneur shared in the preview on social networks. for the motto “behind the scenes“, i.e “behind the scenes“, she allowed herself to be immortalized on the photo set, struggling with the most diverse poses. However, her total white look attracted the attention of fans. It must be because she wanted to remember Britney Spears Oops! I did it Again Or because she simply wanted to reveal her incredible body shape after the second birth, but what is certain is that Kylie wore a white latex micro onesie.

Kylie Jenner in slippers on set

Kylie Jenner in slippers on set

Kylie Jenner in slippers on set

The playsuit is a second skin model in milky white, it is sleeveless, with a crew neck and with very short shorts that leave the legs bare. The specialty of mini jumpsuit? Being in latex, it wraps figures to the extreme, leaving nothing to the imagination. A detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed is that Kylie paired the jumpsuit not only with a pair of diva sunglasses, but also with original matching fur slippers. She may not have expected to be photographed full-length, but it’s clear that in order to “compensate” for the garment’s discomfort, she essentially had to give up the heels. How many people would have the courage to reproduce the costume in real life?

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