Kylie Jenner’s white tights are cool.

Due to the prohibitively high summer temperatures, they ended up at the bottom of drawers, but one step closer to autumn 2023 they will once again take pride of place in the wardrobe. This is about tights, precious allies of the cold months, allowing you to show off skirts and dresses of any length without risking chattering teeth. Not only. There are those who even wear them separately, leaving their legs free from the bottom of the outfit, except for underwear. The image has been known for several seasons under the name Without pants and it has captivated many celebrities, including Emma Corrin, who also brought the trend to the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

And besides black, that’s not all: the trends for autumn-winter 2023/2024 bring the legs to the fore, covering them with nylon stockings, available in any color and pattern. He thought about doing a little preview Kylie Jennerimmortalized a few days ago on the streets of Los Angeles in an outfit that is impossible to forget: the American socialite paired a nude minidress with some tights optical white, in turn, put on sandals in the color of the palette. The shot is déjà vu, taking us back a few months when the Kylie Cosmetics founder showed off bright red stockings on social media with matching sandals and extra-large fur.

Autumn fashion 2023, what to combine with white tights according to Kylie Jenner

When choosing gods colored tights, they can naturally be combined with dresses or suits of the same shade. But secondly Kylie Jenner the coolest combination of the season involves playing on contrasts: for example, she opted for a couple white nylon stockings and ultra-opaque, which you can wear with a beige minidress.

A tote bag in black woven leather from Bottega Veneta completes the work of chromatic layering, while the only items in the tights palette are sandals with kittens in heels and a small coin purse from Maison Margiela.

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