‘La Barbiechona’ Kathy Phillips pours water on her cellulite and they rave about her

The singer, former TV presenter and businesswoman has been vocal about her struggle with being overweight.

It’s no secret to anyone Kathy Phillips One of the most famous curvy beauties in Panama, she always Have been struggling with being overweight, due to their hormonal issues.Not only that, just google his name and you can see him Suffered from various diseases, Everything from carpal tunnel to anxiety and, most recently, a bug that kept her in the hospital for days.

Kathy tried various diets and saw results, but gained weight again. They finished school and everything else, But her recent hospitalization seemed to have caused some changes in her.

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The singer has Shows he continues to lose weight through a balanced diet and exercise So much so that she has been photographed in a bathing suit and even posed strategically to look thinner: “They told me swimming is the most complete exercise, so I throw my cellulite into the water!”, she Admitted that she posted a photo on her official account on Instagram in which she looks very good in a green striped swimsuit.

“I fell in love with working out underwater. If you have tips for pool workouts, I’d read them here. Choose to love yourself through every process and in all versions,” he said.

Ah, but a few hours later he suddenly uploaded a video on his story, LOL What they wrote to him in the publication: “I’m sorry that I can’t understand this message that you read to me here, hahaha, you have amazing creativity, we say we are Barbie, half Barbie, Half Piggy” he couldn’t help but laugh as he read.

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