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Alejandra Houttave and Katus, or better known as X (@swiftiepy on exTwitter), recently reported that they were victims of medical malpractice in beauty treatments. After Argentinian model Silvina Luna lost her life due to improper cosmetic surgery, fellow models decided to tell their case online.

Paola Houttave’s daughter Alejandra decided to air her mother’s case in “X”. “I started a thread about how Ph.D. Sara and Ester Oliveira of Esthetic Palace use PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) without permission In my mother’s body,” the young woman wrote last Monday in a post that has had more than 4.7 million views.

Houttave pointed out that he did not sign any documents applying for p to the expert.Methyl methacrylate. “We never signed any contract or anything, and if I had an invoice for what they charged me, I would write down by date every procedure I did,” Paola Houttave told the show “Dos en la ciudad” , which airs on Gen and Universo 970 AM channels. /Middle Nation.

The woman reported that she became aware of the presence of polymethyl methacrylate in her body due to the deformation of her lips. He noted PMMA on his face and abdomen. “I am a mother of two and look, they ruined my life, I went to consult a surgeon and in my case it was impossible to remove all the products and now I have to live with the anxiety of what is about to happen to me ,” Paula exclaimed.

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he Dr. Daniel Constanzo Caballero, President of the Paraguayan Surgical Society, spoke at the Arriba Hoy project, Broadcast by Gen y Universo 970 AM/Nación Media channel, where he pointed out the risks of using methacrylates in beauty treatments.

“The consequences may not be immediate but take five or 10 years and like any incompatible substance it causes a reaction where the body tries to eliminate the substance, brings it to the surface and sometimes causes it to invade organize, These substances are contained in tissues, which is why it is difficult to remove them” explained the professional.

Another case reported in A process performed on the eyebrows or lips using a needle to add color to these areas, much like a tattoo on the skin.

I contracted Hepatitis B in 2018 and had to eat like a baby for almost two years before I was cured under the guidance of a CDE micropigmentation specialist.“The young woman wrote that she claimed not to have seen the elements used in the process. This was my first time having plastic surgery and this was the result. said the young woman.

“In micropigmentation, just like tattoos, everything must be sterilized and cared for. The needles are sealed properly and they are opened in front of you,” one X user wrote after the woman’s story. Twitter users reported her case last Monday, and the tweet has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

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