“La Roca” is another unforgettable surprise for tourists in Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson, aka “La Roca,” once again showed off his generosity by surprising a group of tourists exploring the famous streets of Hollywood aboard a tour bus.

The actor shared the moment on his social circles, where he shows his car’s wind being muffled to greet the excited tourists.

Channel of special viral videos from La Voz

“Hey guys, do you know where I can go to La Roca?”— the charismatic exluchador asked with a smile, approaching the bus. Tourists did not miss the opportunity to take photographs and videos of this unforgettable scene, and some of them included the opportunity to communicate with the famous Hollywood star.

Before retiring, Dwayne Johnson shared some romances with tourists, insisting not to look for his house in a humorous tone.

“If you Hollywood guests sometimes show up in a big truck looking for a tour bus, don’t take me. It’s just Campeón del Pueblo getting free tacos and having fun.”anadio.

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