Lady Gaga: argan oil is the make-up remover used for the stripped down face

Argan oil to remove make-up from the face. It seems he used it Lady Gaga (or rather, her makeup artist Sarah Tanno) to remove all traces of makeup from her face during the night of the Oscars 2023. As known to most, the singer first appeared among the guests in the hall with a perfectly made-up face, only to then go on stage for her performance with jeans, a t-shirt, All Star sneakers and skin soap and water. It seems that behind Lady Gaga’s make-up removal there is argan oil, used according to the skin striping techniquea real stripping of the skin.

Argan oil to remove make-up from the face, the expert speaks

As he explains Angela Noviello, head of the beauty division of Milano Estetica«the technique of cleansing the face with a first pass of oil is typical of the elaborate korean multi-step skin routine». But why argan oil to remove make-up? “Actually all vegetable oils, from argan to avocado, jojoba, almond, are effective for this purpose. The reason is simple: «in the skin cleansing phase, oils are ideal because they are lipophilic they dissolve both impurities and the most resistant makeup very well(think mascara, eyeliner, and the like). At the same time the oil as it cleanses and cleanses has the ability to hydrate and nourish the skin. However, the oil alone is not enough for a complete cleansing: after the passage with this product, yes to a second passage with a milk (for delicate skin) or with a gel or mousse (for normal, combination or oily skin). Finally we recall that oily cleansers are ideal for sensitive skinbecause unlike foaming soaps they do not affect the skin barrier, protecting the most fragile skin ».

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