Lady Gaga is pregnant? Let’s look at the details of the “baby monster”.

After many weeks, Lady Gaga Fez series of presentations for the exhibition “Jazz and Piano” No Dolby Live at Park MGMI am Las Vegas, USA. The last few days have now been more than just that singer’s musical we’ve been watching for the past few years. Many things have intrigued us and surprised us with the possibility that someone possible pregnancy. It will be exactly like this “baby monster” are you on your way?

Speculation surrounding pregnancy will spark discussions online. Photo: Instagram/@ladygaga


Earlier this week, a video of the singer taking to the stage to play the piano in extreme extremes went viral on social media. The Shallow singer is wearing a purple dress with a huge slit on the back.

Opinions online are divided about the implications of the video and the pregnancy proposals. As many do, and Internet nauts believe in our possibility Lady Gaga being indeed pregnant, we also defend the idea that the artist is simply gaining weight, believing that, for example, there is no need to be afraid of comments and speculation on the Internet.

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