Lady Gaga: New Haus Labs Concealer Coming in September

The concealer, developed by the pop star’s beauty brand, will launch in the fall to brighten the complexion and correct imperfections. But be careful how you use it. She herself explains the methods and results on her Instagram profile.

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Lady Gaga's glowing concealer

(Photo by Instagram@ladygaga)

The Haus Labs family (Lady Gaga’s son) is expanding with a precious new ally. It’s about Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating Concealer: Coming out on September 7th, it looks like it could make your complexion extra radiant. Word Lady Gaga who in his latest shot looks as great as ever.

Soon 31 different shadesnew concealer from Haus Labs combines the formula long-playing to a texture suitable for concealing imperfections. Effect blurIn fact, it allows you to brighten your skin and at the same time reduce hyperpigmentation, evening out your complexion.

The result is flawless skin, like Lady Gaga wearing concealer. correct and enlighten face. Natural and at the same time perfect coverage: the newest creation from Haus Labs, in fact, will become an inseparable companion to the sensational foundation. Triclone Skin Tech Foundation with a multi-layer formula to create artistic shades.

Lady Gaga teaches how to apply concealer

Anyone can get a complexion irreproachable like the one from Lady Gaga: it is just a matter of method of application. And on Instagram, the pop star shows the best way to use concealer. Light but targeted strokes, the singer actually uses concealer in all the important spots on her face, not just around her eyes.

So the first step is eliminate dark circles, Apply a layer of concealer directly under the eye. Concealer should then be applied to the imperfections to cover up the blemishes and redness caused by acne.

However, since this is explanatory language, concealer from Haus Labs Can also be used to sculpt the face. It’s for this reason that Lady Gaga chooses a bit of color in the center of her forehead, on the sides of her nose, just below her cheekbone and under her chin.

(Photo by Instagram@ladygaga)

Strategic placement that can be blended with foundation and also suitable for concealers for mature skin. In fact, it is important for facial makeup to be perfect and look natural. post the formula and then blend the product with a beauty blender. The idea is to use technologyunderpainting sculpt the face with light and shadows and only then make the complexion uniform with the help of foundation.

What is it about? This technique refers to the pictorial concept of priming, that is, applying the first layer of material to a rough background. Therefore green light for direct application bronzer, blush and brightening cream face concealer made from just cream and primer: the three products will be mixed and blended together with subsequent application of foundation creates a spectacular chiaroscuro effect. Simple and effective.

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