Lady Gaga reveals the deep meaning behind her beauty routine

Lady Gaga is very closely associated with her beauty routine, especially makeup. According to the singer, there is a deeper meaning in this.

The last few years have brought this closer. Lady Gaga more and more into the entertainment world. After a pleasant break in American Horror Storyshe increasingly developed a passion for acting and was first cast in House of Gucci and subsequently chosen as Harley Quinn in continuation Joker. Expecting to find out what her version of the beloved character in the DC Universe will be, Lady Gaga admitted that secrets of her beauty routine.

Lady Gaga's Beauty Secrets
Lady Gaga. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Singer Poker Face she admitted that behind her beauty routine is hidden even deeper meaning should be understood as a kind of healing practice that he has been practicing for some time, from a young age. Today it is impossible not to know his name, as well as his career, which is skillfully divided between music and cinema. The pop star revealed in a new interview what is behind her personal care, how she experiments with makeup and why it takes on a deeper meaning in her eyes.

Lady Gaga reveals what’s behind her beauty routine

For Lady Gaga, a beauty routine that includes simple and light makeup is of very little importance. For the singer, this is a procedure that over the years has helped her take care of herself, representing a kind of healing technique. “AND It has been a healing practice for me since my early childhood. When I was a teenager, I was incredibly insecure. After graduating from high school, I started working on my own and discovered that makeup has the power to change me.”He said E News. According to the singer bad Romance, cosmetics helped her find her true voice. “I realized that I have more opportunities to speak for myself. And it had more to do with how I felt than how I looked. I always say this because I think that everyone has their own style of makeup.“.

Lady Gaga's Beauty Secrets
Lady Gaga. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

It is also true that over the years Lady Gaga has paid a lot of attention to her aesthetic, using it as communication medium. He did this to accompany his songs, in video clips and even on the red carpet. Using makeup daily as part of your beauty and general grooming routine is a way to feel better. powerful. “It gives me an extra boost of confidence. I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way because I feel like I had a good time.added the pop star.

Makeup has also become a symbol of her entrepreneurship. Lady Gaga recently launched her first beauty brand on the market, presenting it as vegan and cruelty-free: it lives up to the name home laboratories and has been standing since 2019.I want people to know that it’s not about trying to look like me. But to look like you“.

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