Lakers legend Michael Cooper scolds LeBron James for eating on bench: ‘You have to respect the game’

Five-time NBA champion Michael Cooper accused LeBron James of disrespecting the game on his show “Showtime with Coop Podcast.” Recently, a video of James circulated on social media. Photos show the superstar eating dinner during a game against the Golden State Warriors. He tied it to the bench instead of somewhere more private, which caused some stir around the league.

Michael Cooper asks LeBron James to respect the game

During an appearance on Nick Gelso’s podcast, the two addressed the controversial topic of GOAT eating on the bench. Eating is good, especially when players don’t want to go back to the game.

However, the way the 19-time All-Star handled the situation angered the Los Angeles Lakers legend. He believes the sport deserves respect, even if you don’t come back.

The Lakers’ 129-125 loss to the Warriors may make the news sting even more.

“I don’t like that. Again, he’s LeBron James, but you still have to respect the game, man. “I don’t mind the guy eating, but go to the locker room and eat, and then when you come out, you just Come out and be part of the team instead of just sitting at the end of the bench eating. “

Michael Cooper

This may be because there are relatively few sideline meals in the league. But changing clothes is still acceptable. That’s because the 38-year-old knows he won’t be returning to action. As Cooper said, this is normal.

“I don’t mind that. “He won’t play, so let him change. “

Michael Cooper

He emphasized the point of difference between being a spectator and being a player. Spectators can eat and do whatever they want on the sidelines because they have no stakes in the game – unlike the players.

“Don’t be like a spectator sitting there. “I thought he was a paying (seat) guy. “

Michael Cooper

This is preseason

The league knows it, the fans know it, everyone knows it. This is preseason. Few take this seriously, let alone the four-time NBA champion, who still has outstanding per-game numbers for his age.

Even so, the superstar is known for his tendency to snack on the court. A few years ago, ESPN caught James eating candy on the bench.

However, although meals and sweets are different, there shouldn’t be much difference, right?

Do you think James is so disrespectful?

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