Lanata hospitalized with pneumonia – maracó

Reporters have been at the Favaloro Foundation since noon.

A month and a half after his discharge, Jorge Lanata entered the Favaloro Foundation again. The journalist was absent from his Radio Miter show and just after noon, Ángel de Brito announced the driver’s hospitalization.

After 1:30 pm, the presenter spoke at the Favaloro Foundation to reassure his team and the audience. “I had pneumonia and they gave me antibiotics and I had to stay here until I got better before I could go home,” the reporter said by phone.

He was heard looking good and bantering with the team from the radio studio, led by Jesica Bossi and Marina Calabro. He claimed he had no idea what was being played: “You have to be glad I didn’t listen to you, because if I had, I would have fired half the team,” he joked. “That’s a good percentage,” they responded almost in unison.

As for what’s next for him, he said he hopes to be in charge of his show this weekend. “Everything is good, we will do the PPT on Sunday,” he promised of his El Trece cycle. Furthermore, he said he was unaware of the upcoming Copa Libertadores final and claimed that he performed well while in hospital, but his team doubted this: “If you perform well, you are not Jorge Lanata ,” joked Rolando Barbano. . “Now, I just arrived,” the driver admitted.

Lanata was discharged from the hospital on September 16 due to poor health after nearly a month in Favaloro due to a bacterial urinary tract infection. When he returned to the show, he recounted his days at the clinic in detail. “It’s complicated, but everything is accidental. Suddenly nothing happens to you and suddenly it happens to you. It’s completely accidental. I went through three stages, the last one was more complicated, It’s called septic shock (systemic infection). My feeling now is that I was out there for about four or five months, because when you look at it, it seems like it was longer,” he admitted.

On Sunday, September 24, he returns to El Trece to organize periodismo para todos. The peak of political activity, including the presidential election, puts him at the forefront of their analytical programs. But before seeing the current situation clearly, he recounted the last time he was hospitalized without any filtering.

“I’m 63, and I’m missing a month. I missed a month. I was in the intensive care unit for a month, intubated twice, and really, in that month, it’s amazing what happened, I Can’t remember anything. Or rather, I remember dreams. In the past, these dreams meant a month, but I really don’t know. It could have been minutes or days, and my body was still here, but I My head is not there. This is a month I will never get back,” the reporter said.


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