Lancôme x Louvre: if there is beauty, then there are no eras: the countryside

Lancôme x Louvre, two names and beauty as a point of unity. A pan-French collaboration between a renowned cosmetics brand and Paris’s most famous museum to launch a brand new collection of skincare and makeup.

Venus de Milo, Nike of Samothrace, Corina, Diana of Gabi, Scorpio Nymph, Hygeia, Echo, Venus of Alresse and the sleeping Hermaphrodite: these are masterpieces Louvre what is the new campaign based on? Lancome. On the one hand, the museum surprises, on the other hand, the miracles behind the cosmetic brand: Lisa Eldridgethe global creative director of Lancôme, called upon to represent this artistic project is none other than Zendaya, Aya Nakamura, Amanda Seyfried AND He Kong.

There beauty you can breathe in every corner and this is art, living art.

Different codes are perfectly fused together: beauty is in perpetual motion.

The official campaign video is only 59 seconds long, but those 59 seconds are enough to tell the story. Lancome x Louvre unitesstatic art Todynamic art, classic beauty to the one, that Modern. Below notes Elijah House of El, reviews of the French brand move smoothly through the magical halls of the museum: along with the monochrome of the sculptures, there is the elegance of the colors of the reviews dresses. The flying layers of fabric merge with the multi-sharp edges of these works of art. Real life and the life that was: the beauty of two distant eras, ready to rediscover each other, ready to embrace each other.

At Lancôme, beauty is art in motion; Beauty itself, as a personal ritual, is a means of expressing and distinguishing oneself through constantly evolving codes or non-codes (Françoise Lehmann, President of Lancôme)

Lancome x Louvre does exactly this: combines codes, illuminates beauty in all its art forms. One who lives every day in the everyday life of the world, in the flesh, and one who lives in one of the most iconic spaces of the French capital. A sculpture that remains and does not die, an evolution of beauty that transforms and contemplates its past.

Past and present fly togetherlike the wing of Nike of Samothrace, although motionless, it moves in unison with Zendaya’s body.

There Lancôme skincare and makeup collection it will be a unique hymn to art and beauty, and we can’t wait to discover it.

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