Laporta hopes to cash in on another friendly with Barca in US

President FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, will not miss any opportunity to find new business for the FC Barcelona.Barcelona staff have begun managing the team Negotiations for possible friendlies in the United States Before the Christmas holidays.

according to program what are you playing? The match from Cadena SER will take place in the United States against a Mexican team whose name has not yet been revealed.Therefore, the choice faced inter miami of Leo Messi, The season is over MLS.There are already friendly matches Approved by Xavi Hernandez and his staff.

Repeated practice

Since the coronavirus pandemic, hosting friendlies during the season has become a regular practice for Barca. Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona in Saudi Arabia, December 2021 Boca Juniors(1-1) The Catalan entity’s treasury income is five million euros.

others three million FC Barcelona cancels visit to Australia due to defeat A-League All-Stars (2-3).Finally, Barcelona entered three Kilogram farther inside Farewell Andres Iniestaby vissel kobe in Japan (0-2). This game ended the 22-23 season, and then the Spanish Barcelona international participated in the final stages of the UEFA Nations League.

Friendly match 40 million

Last summer, the team I coached Harvey Hernandez Pocket close numbers 10 million euros for sightseeing USA.break out viral gastroenteritis forcing the first game to be suspended Juventus.Even so, Barcelona were measured Travel to Arsenal, Real Madrid and AC Milan.

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