Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan clash over Rubiales-Hermoso issue

Larsa Pippen and Marcus JordanNBA legend Michael Jordan’s sons have major friction as they talk about controversial moment they starred in Luis Rubiales and Jeanne Hermoso In the Women’s World Cup final.

It’s worth remembering the moment the Spanish coach grabbed the goal scorer’s face and kissed her during Spain’s celebration of the world title, a moment that sparked a great deal of outrage around the world.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan feud over Rubiales

on the last episode of the podcast separation anxiety, Pippin He explained that it’s common for Latinos to have a certain amount of affection, which can be celebrated with a kiss, but described Luis Rubiales’ approach as “inappropriate.”

“Latinos love hugs and kisses, but grabbing her face and kissing her on the lips is very inappropriate, very off-limits, very wrong,” she said. Pippin.

“I think a lot of times women find themselves in situations where you feel like this guy is powerful and you don’t have a say. He probably doesn’t know what to do and everyone is watching,” he added.

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Marcus Jordan Believes It’s First Championship Passion

Marcus Jordan Interrupted and clarified that enthusiasm for winning first world title would have Rubiales kissing beautiful: “And, naysayer here, not necessarily responsible for him, this is the first title they’ve won”; Shocked by her boyfriend’s reaction, Pippen said, “My God, what does that mean?”

Jordan replied: “You know how excited people are sometimes when they win their first championship. So, you know, I don’t think he necessarily knows what he’s doing.”

The chairman of RFEF did not resign and justified his attitude at the extraordinary general meeting.

The conversation escalated immediately: “Marcus, you know, come on. You know it’s wrong to kiss their lips,” Larsa added; Jordan’s response wasn’t long: “But as you said, kissing lips is more common in different cultures. “

“Kiss on the cheek.” said Pippin. ‘What kind of culture is that? It’s a perverted culture, by the way”; Jordan continued, “I’ve seen it. I feel like I’ve seen a coach kiss a male athlete before when the team wins its first championship. “

Larsa Pippen poses with Marcus Jordan.

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Jordan changed when asked if Hermoso was his daughter

Marcus Jordan When Pippen asked him what he would do if it was his daughter they were kissing, he softened his stance: “I’d be pissed. Especially in sports, except your wife or your husband or something like that. Never had time to kiss anyone on the lips other than my own. No coach has ever kissed me.”

“Right now, people are open to speculation because of those behaviours, but it could also be as simple as being super excited to win his first title.”

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Larsa Pippen vs. Luis Rubiales

at last, Larsa Pippen He made it clear that he didn’t think things would turn out this way after the finals: “First of all, he didn’t give up,” he said, “He said no. Doubling down on the bet strongly. First, he doesn’t even take it responsibly. He made his mother starve for him. He’s an adult acting like a child,” he said.

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