Larsa Pippen reportedly never believes in true love again after split from Marcus Jordan

No no no! This can’t happen. We almost saw the funniest wedding ever. Michael Jordan shows up as the best man, just to keep the war with Scotty going. This will be the easiest content in years. They were supposed to get married!

How are we supposed to believe anything? Sure, we could look at Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, but this is still new. It’s the honeymoon period, and there’s nothing better than the honeymoon period after a Super Bowl win/Grammy win. I say this as a real honeymooner. You still have to deal with idiots wherever you go, flights from St. Lucia being canceled and then it’s back to real life. Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen should be a celebrity couple we can admire!

Now? Now we’re dealing with some mysterious Instagram issues.

Hilariously, Marcus only responded with a photo of his dad dunking. Guys rock.

Anyway, I’ve found the perfect solution. They just starred together in the second season of Renegades. Incredible reality TV show. Highly recommend it. You know who else is in “Traitor”? Trishelle, CT and Banana. People from a little show called “The Challenge” are in desperate need of help. Bring Back Challenge: Battle of the Exes. Jordan and Tori, Marcus and Larsa, Bananas and Moriah, there are plenty of great choices to save the greatest reality show on television.

Let’s remember the good times and hope that a season of The Challenge still brings us a Pippen and Jordan wedding. we need to.

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