Larsa Pippen reveals her ‘love language’ ahead of second Valentine’s Day with son Michael Jordan

January 2024 is the one-year anniversary of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan.Last Valentine’s Day, the 49-year-old reality star revealed that Michael Jordan’s son would be hers “Forever Valentine’s Day”. Fans on social media mocked her, but now a year later, she’s already planning a second Valentine’s Day with Marcus. While many thought it was just another day, it looks like she did find a new lover! In a special interview with Bravo TV, the RHOM star shared her Valentine’s Day plans with the Chicago Bulls icon’s son.

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Larsa isn’t sure what Marcus Jordan has planned for their second Valentine’s Day, but she has a few things she wants to do on February 14th. She really enjoys receiving material gifts. We’ve seen Marcus gift her with unique Jordans, rings, and more many times before.Anyway, nothing comes close “Physical contact”which she considered “the highest form oflove language“.

However, you can’t just spend Valentine’s Day without ideal plans. For Larsa, her ideal February 14th would be, “Private dinner for two and night swim”. Clearly, the 49-year-old enjoys spending intimate time with Marcus.


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In addition to all the above information, Larsa also shared her go-to outfit for a Valentine’s Day date, which would be “Cute little black dress” You often see it on her Instagram. It looks like she will be active again in 10 days.

Larsa Pippen loves spending time with Marcus Jordan


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Larsa wants to be Marcus’ partner, not his girlfriend. She values ​​companionship and gets along well with the 33-year-old. It’s late and you can see the two starting something new together. Larsa talked about her recent appearance on the reality show, ‘Traitors“, the two were eliminated within a week. From participating in events to appearing on reality shows, the two always appeared together. This is the most important thing to Larsa.

While the pair have been hinting at a wedding soon, the highlight of their relationship was Larsa’s willingness to share a child with Marcus. While this did come as a surprise to a lot of people, Larsa felt it was something Marcus deserved fairly. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve all of the above, but it is definitely possible.

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