Larsa Pippen reveals the “insurance policy” for Michael Jordan’s son, making in-depth personal choices public

NBA thing The couple has been going strong for over a year. However, 2024 is indeed their year. Whether it’s the continued success of podcasts, reality shows, or new opportunities, both are thriving. However, Larsa Pippen may have bigger plans in her relationship with Michael Jordan’s youngest son. Or at least, she had insurance for all her plans. While reports of the two moving in together continue to circulate, some bigger plans may be at play.

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On their YouTube channel, Us Weekly sat down with Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife to confirm one particular rumor. “We saw in the mid-season trailer that you do still have some eggs on ice. Is this something you’re seriously considering? ”

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Larsa fully embraced the idea. “I am really happy with my 4 kids. However, I felt that if Marcus wanted children, it would be unfair of me not to give him the opportunity. So, I have some insurance police in Los Angeles just in case. “

Despite the accusations, rumors and controversy surrounding her, Pippen remained a loving and passionate supporter of her children. Furthermore, she even claimed that they were the ones who determined her success and legacy.

Larsa would reveal her state of mind before moving in with her boyfriend. “Like, my success depends on how well I take care of my kids and my business. ” Even during this encounter, Larsa was more than willing to take responsibility when asked about challenges along the way.

Yes, it’s interesting. “I think that’s my favorite title, being a mom.” Considering the rumors surrounding their personal lives, it’s not like the two have no chance of realizing their dreams.


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Are the four rumors about Michael Jordan’s son Larsa a prelude to reality?

During the show, the 50-year-old revealed how active her sex life is. During her time with Scotty, and since her relationship with Marcus, she claims to have done this four times a night. While this statement did raise some suspicion among the other co-stars, it could be a sign of things to come.

Given the progress on both sides, a future announcement seems likely. Whether it’s getting married, moving in together, or now even having kids, the possibilities are endless for the two lovebirds. During the holidays, the relationship between family members also shows a positive trend. Is this news sooner rather than later?

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Fans of both men surely hope so.

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