Larsa Pippen: What Marcus Jordan’s family thinks about relationship

real housewives of miamiLarsa Pippen and boyfriend Marcus Jordan gave fans some juicy details about their high-profile romance.

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exist Roman In Season 6, Episode 5, the new it couple takes viewers behind the scenes of their new IHeart Radio podcast, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s Separation Anxiety. In the first episode, which premieres in June 2023, Larsa and Marcus look to clear up their relationship, which continues to draw attention within and beyond the Braveverse.

“This is a new chapter for me because I’ve never been in business with a boyfriend,” the mother of four told Roman producer. “But I don’t feel any anxiety about doing business with Marcus because we get along so well.”

About Larsa and Marcus separation anxiety podcast

this separation anxiety The podcast promises to be “brutally honest” with listeners about life, love and sex.

“What was it really like living at home with Pippen/Jordan?” the podcast synopsis asks. “They don’t hold back on all the fun stuff that’s going on, even about them, their friends, or even their haters.”

According to the podcast episode description, Larsa continued to push the mashup “Larcus” across the airwaves while discussing Larsa’s OnlyFans page, joint bank accounts and “a viral clip of Michael Jordan suggesting he disapproved of their relationship.” word.

Other topics include the ongoing divorce between Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein and rumors about Larsa and Marcus’ engagement.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan discuss their relationship

“There’s a lot of discussion about our relationship, so this podcast gives us a platform to express things in our own voices and our own perspective,” Marcus said, as seen on a recent episode Roman episode.

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One of the reasons Larcus continues to draw attention has to do with Larsa’s more than 20-year marriage to Scottie Pippen, with whom Larsa has four children.

Scotty knew Marcus’ father, superstar athlete Michael Jordan, when both were drafted into the NBA and played for the Chicago Bulls in the 1980s.the two of them Dominated the professional basketball world throughout the 1990s.

“Our relationship was probably awkward for his father and my ex-husband because they had a relationship,” Larsa said. “But it’s not awkward for me and Marcus. He makes me happy and I make him happy and that’s it.”

The couple also dug into their 16-year age gap and addressed rumors that Larsa used to babysit with her boyfriend, now 32, or knew him when he was very young.

as discussed before Watch What Happens Live with Andy CohenLarsa put the rumors to rest, saying “I just met him a few years ago.”

What Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s families think about their relationship

exist RomanMarcus wanted to talk about how long they had been dating before deciding to reveal their relationship to loved ones, but according to Larsa, the media reported the story within the first two weeks of their platonic relationship.

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“I feel like we were smoking when we were friends,” Larsa explained.

Marcus said he received text messages from his mother and relatives asking about the rumors.

“I think even though we hung out early on, there was a lot of interest and intrigue,” Marcus said. “It caught some people in my family a little off guard.”

Larsa admitted that both her and Marcus’ parents were initially opposed to seeing them together. However, on Thanksgiving Day 2022, Larsa took Marcus to her parents’ house, and Marcus took Larsa to meet his mother.

“Even though I was nervous, they were so kind and welcoming and put everything into perspective,” Larsa said.

Roman Producers asked one of fans’ biggest questions: Has Larsa seen Marcus’ father, Michael Jordan?

The internet was abuzz when the basketball legend reportedly told reporters in Paris, France, that he didn’t approve of his son dating Larsa. TMZ. When asked if he consented to the relationship, he simply replied “no” and shook his head when asked a second time.

Larsa later went to separation anxiety The podcaster said she was “embarrassed” and “traumatized” by Michael’s words, even though Marcus pretended his dad was being naughty. people.

“I won’t talk about him,” Larsa told Roman The producer is smiling. “Like, I just don’t want to talk about him, you know? “I don’t need to. “

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