Late Night USA. Stormy Daniels wipes out Donald Trump with just one tweet.

Late night show host Jimmy KImmel spouting some rash jokes.
Late night show host Jimmy KImmel spouting some rash jokes.

Screenshots: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Donald Trump’s last and first campaign appearances are still making an impact. The former president plays the innocent lamb in the face of several possible legal actions, but the “horse face” Stormy Daniels reacts.

Donald Trump held court for 90 minutes, he explains Jimmy Kimmel on the former president’s campaign appearance on March 25 in Waco, Texas. «He played all the hits», mocks the conductor given Trump’s usual arguments. “He even took the time to personally attack his old flame, Stormy Daniels.”

Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels poses for the cameras at the Venus erotic fair in Berlin in October 2018.
Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels poses for the cameras at the Venus erotic fair in Berlin in October 2018.


The whole thing can be verified from the minute 5:51: “(The Ministry of Justice) is investigating me for something that is not a crime, not a crime and not a relationship,” says the 76-year-old. And with a look at the former porn star, he adds: «I’ve never liked horse faces. I’ve never liked it… I’ve never… It’s not… It’s terrible…».

Nervously he continues: «It wouldn’t be her. There isn’t one,” Trump says before coming to reason. “We have a great First Lady.” “Yes,” Kimmel replies, “and her name is Jill Biden.” Then the host of «Jimmy Kimmel Live» clarifies: «He didn’t do it, he wouldn’t have done it, but if he had done it, he wouldn’t have done it to her».

Who holds the pole for whom?

It’s obvious that Stormy Danielswhose real name is Stephanie Gregory Clifford, must hear all the colors from fans of the former president. But the 44-year-old is quick-witted, as she proves on Twitter. To a user who writes that Trump wouldn’t even touch it with a three-meter pole, he replies: «Exactly. He used an 8 cm one ».

But let’s go back to Waco: «Burger King has made some huge whoppers (type of hamburger ndt.) during the Republican election event – ​​continues Kimmel -. Trump said if he was president he would end war in Ukraine in 24 hours, his plane took off with (‘Top Gun’ song) Danger Zone and entered with the national anthem sung by a choir made up of people arrested for the assault on the Capitol on January 6″.

The New Yorker is visibly proud of this criminal chorus. “The song says a lot because it’s number one in every single category,” Trump said. “Number two is Taylor Swift. Number three is Molly Cyrus.’ Kimmel catches the slip about Miley (the right name of the singer, ndt) with gusto: «Number four is Salami Gomez». Actually the name of the singer is Selena.

Homophobic attack against Zelensky

Trump in Waco is supported by the «usual characters», as the moderator says: «Clan Mom», that is Marjorie Taylor Green«Matt “Child Safety” Gaetz» and «none but Ted Nugent»: the singer uses the limelight for a homophobic attack on Volodymyr Zelensky.

Spectators at Trump's appearance in Waco.
Spectators at Trump’s appearance in Waco.

Screenshots: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

“I want my money back,” the 74-year-old yells into the microphone. “I haven’t authorized money for Ukraine for any crazy homosexuals. I want my money back.” «You have no money», Kimmel comments dryly: «Your last success dates back to 43 years ago. Go back to your perch and shut up.”

Now the viewer may get the impression that the performance was highly anticipated, but the moderator rectifies. There’s actually room for 50,000 people, but an aerial photo shows there were far fewer. The perhaps 3,000 in attendance were simply crammed into one place.

But what is this case all about? It concerns suspicions that Trump violated campaign finance rules in 2016. His former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen he has already pleaded guilty and been sentenced.

Late Night USA – Understanding America
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50 states, 330 million people and even more opinions: How are you supposed to “understand America”? If you want to have an overview without getting lost, you need a headlight. Late night stars offer one of the best navigational aids: they are the perfect guides, they ruthlessly name the slums in the country and its people, and they serve our author Philip Dahm as a comic compass for the mood of the American soul.

In agreement with his boss, he sent a check to Stormy Daniels so that she would not talk about what she did to Trump in 2006, when his wife Melanie she had just given birth to a son. There is a copy of the $35,000 check that the tycoon signed, reports Late Night with Seth Meyers.

And then also Rudy Giuliani he admitted everything in front of the cameras, the video shows him from the 4:50 minute mark: “That wasn’t money for the campaign”, thunders Giuliani in 2018 on “Fox News”. «Sorry, I’ll tell you facts you don’t know. There has been no violation of campaign rules.”

“Why did they make the settlement via the attorney’s office?”

“Fox News” host Sean Hannity dig deeper: “Why did they make the transaction through the attorney’s office?” Giuliani replies faithfully: “They put him in the prosecutor’s office and the president repaid him.” Hannity stammers, “Oh, I didn’t know that… did I?” Giuliani nods: «Yes». Hannity: Does this have anything to do with campaign regulations? Giuliani: «Zero».

Rudy Giuliani talks about himself and his boss on Fox News in 2018.
Rudy Giuliani talks about himself and his boss on Fox News in 2018.

Screenshot: YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers

“Yeah, that’s the crime, idiot,” Meyers says excitedly. “He secretly made his fixer pay him hush money weeks before the election to cover up an affair, and then paid him back the money and lied about his purpose.” Even the word “go under the table” makes it clear that the whole thing sucks, according to the host of late night.

“I have a feeling,” says Meyers, “that it would certainly be better to accuse him first of other things, such as the coup attempt. Paying silencing money is also against the law and he should be held accountable, but it would be crap if that was the only thing he’s accused of.’

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