Law Roach ‘exonerates’ Zendaya: “I’m not retiring because of her. She is my little sister”

“Did you really think I was cutting ties with Z… We are forever!”: with a message delivered to Twitter Law Roach adds a piece to the complicated puzzle of his ‘retirement’ from the scene, proclaimed via social media but still shrouded in fog. The star system’s most famous, desired and loved stylist announced yesterday that he wanted to retire following unspecified “political issues and false narratives”. Many believed that the tear was due to Zendayawhose image has been associated with her styling since the beginning, and which concerned the contract signed by the actress with Louis Vuitton.

It is precisely of her that Roach returns to speak in a series of tweets that ‘exonerate’ her and underline that it is not their relationship that is under discussion. A relationship that, he explains, goes beyond the professional: “She is my little sister, and there is true love between us. Not that fake love of the fashion industry”.

Fashion emergency: Law Roach, stylist of Zendaya, announces the withdrawal for “Political issues”

by Giulia Mattioli

Tens of thousands of comments from designers, models, magazines, fashion and entertainment professionals crowded the stylist’s Instagram page yesterday, expressing solidarity with him and hoping for a change of course at the same time. Even social media is full of users wondering what will become of the Met Gala of this year without the styling of Law Roach, and above all what will become of the style of some of the most loved divas without his contribution of ‘image architect‘. Especially from Zendaya, who has accustomed the whole world to extraordinary red carpets and breathtaking looks.

Law Roach at the Boss Spring/Summer 2023 show

Law Roach at the Boss Spring/Summer 2023 show

But as expected, the most talked about man of the moment will not abandon the fashion sector. He confessed it himself to Voguewho interviewed him on the occasion of his catwalk debut: Roach indeed showed in Miami for Bosses, alongside supermodels such as Naomi Campbell. “I’m not saying I’m retiring from fashion. I love fashion… What I’m retreating from is the celebrity styling part, being of service to other people,” said the 44-year-old. Who, among other things, is among the stylists hired by Valentino to set up the special windows that will reveal the collection Unboxing Spring Summer 2023. In short, more than a retreat, the one underway would seem to be a transformation.

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