Lazza, Ultimo, Mengoni and Mr Rain dominate charts and radio

The Sanremo 2023 effect does not aim to fade away a month later: 14 out of 28 Fimi certified songs and the songs still dominate in radio ratings.

For the Sanremo 2023 Festival, two weeks were enough to reach the record of copies sold and single certificates. After a month, the Sanremo effect doesn’t seem to have worn off, with 14 out of 28 songs that received at least a gold certification. Half of the Sanremo 2023 roster saw its numbers rise and achieve greater status, not just for the Lazzas, Marco Mengoni, Mr. Rain, Tananai and Ultimo. Indeed, Olly too, among those who had to make the leap from Sanremo Giovani to the Sanremo Festival, received the gold certification from the FIMI for his Dust. The right push for the ultimate momentum?

The certifications and the top 5 FIMI

But it’s not just the Fimi certifications that speak for themselves, even if the gap compared to last year is rapidly opening up: just think that the 14 individual certificates, a trend still growing, of today’s Festival, exceed 12 of last Sanremo 2022, recorded one month before the Festival. Then, in addition to the double platinum of Chills followed the success of songs such as Wherever you will be by Irama, Butterflies of San Giovanni, Bye bye de The List Representative e Where to dance by Dargen D’Amico, destined to overtake everyone in the sprint. There will be 18 certified songs out of the 25 in total, and the songs of Sanremo 2023 seem to have targeted this goal. But Fimi has also published the top 5 of the best-selling singles in Italystill dominated by the Sanremo class of 2023, with Ashes, Superheroes and Two Lives competing for the top 3, while closing the Tananai Tango chart. The only new entry is the urban-pop hit by Finesse, with the trio of wonders Sphere Ebbasta, Guè and Shiva in fourth place.

Sanremo 2023 also dominates on the radio

There is no lack of ratings on the radio, which record, for the umpteenth week, a Sanremo top ten with few “intruders”. In fact, in the last week, Lazza with his Ash he took the championship lead, overtaking Elodie and hers Two, formerly in the lead. Just the Roman singer is placed in second place, while Marco Mengoni closes the competition in third place with Two livesremaining stable. In the top 10 we find Also Good to bad of Madame, Tango by Tananai, Superheroes by Mr. Rain and Made in Italy by Rosa Chemical which closes the ranking. Sanremo 2023 resists the US and British latitudes signed by Miley Cyrus with her Flowers by her, I’m not here to make friends by Sam Smith and Special by Lizzo.

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