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Steve Kerr has reiterated many times over the years how lucky he is to be associated with Michael Jordan and Steph Curry. Kerr won three championships with Jordan’s Bulls in the 1990s, and he coached Curry and the Warriors to four championships. The former Chicago Outlaws remains grateful for what he accomplished alongside these basketball icons.

Kerr is in Chicago, where the Warriors will face the Bulls on Friday. He arrived just in time for his former team’s Ring of Honor ceremony. The Golden State Warriors coach joins several coaches who have contributed to the Bulls’ success over the years.

When reporters asked what makes a team successful, the multi-faceted coach responded (via Julia Pope):

“Really strong ownership is the key to success for any professional sports team. Obviously, you need not just a star player, but a superstar, a player, a human being. Michael Jordan was the Bulls (and Stephen Curry was the Warriors team players).

“You have to be lucky enough to have guys like those two to be the lead singer, the best player, the leader and so much more. “I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of two different teams and have guys like that. “

During Michael Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls, he was at the forefront and core of the team’s success. He’s the biggest reason the team hangs six championship flags from the rafters of the United Center. “His Flyer” went 6-0 in the NBA Finals and was named MVP every year.

Stephen Curry has the same impact and impact on the Golden State Warriors. Even though Kevin Durant was the Finals MVP in two of Curry’s four championships with the Warriors, he was the leader of that team.

Steve Kerr is more appreciative of Curry’s leadership and impact on the Warriors’ woes this season. He often mentioned that what the point guard brings to the Warriors is very similar to what Michael Jordan brought to the Bulls.

For Stephen Curry, chasing Michael Jordan’s championship run will be tough

Stephen Curry has said multiple times over the past two years that he still has a few championships left. After the Warriors were eliminated from last year’s playoffs by the Los Angeles Lakers, Curry insisted the team’s championship core could still win it all. Lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy twice would tie him with Michael Jordan for the title.

Achieving that goal with the Warriors’ championship core may be more difficult than he thinks. The Golden State Warriors currently have a record of 17 wins and 20 losses, ranking 12th in the Western Conference. If the regular season ended today, they wouldn’t even make the playoffs.

Draymond Green has yet to return from suspension, while Klay Thompson is having a roller coaster season. Stephen Curry called not making changes “crazy” after the New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Warriors 141-105 on Wednesday. He’s apparently reaching out to Golden State’s front office for help ahead of next month’s trade deadline.

Curry and other stars are trying to tie it, and Michael Jordan’s championship series looks even more impressive. Superstar Steve Kerr is now 35 years old, and the Warriors appear to be crumbling. It seems like he doesn’t have much chance to close the gap with Jordan.

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