Learn three golden tricks to help you soften stale bread in no time

There is no doubt that the passage of time is bread’s worst enemy. It’s ready to eat almost immediately and is one of the foods that goes bad quickly. Whether it’s getting tough, losing its sponginess, or drying out, here are three tips to combat these ills and keep your bread looking freshly baked.

Perhaps as one of the earliest processed foods in human history, there would be no table without bread. Eat it alone or with company, it’s important to always keep it fresh and tender. There are various sizes available on the market, the main thing to know is that the point of these tips is to end up with the hardness of the bread.

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3 golden tips for making stale bread soft again

Note that none of the three techniques I will introduce to you below involve the intervention of the oven. All of the suggestions you’re about to read are for reviving stale bread and always keeping that fresh, homemade element.

Tip #1

  • In order to use this trick, you’ll need an airtight container. Place stale bread and fruit in a container, I recommend apples or pears. Then, close the container tightly and leave it for a few hours or overnight. After this, your bread will be fresh again, as the moisture of the fruit will help it regain all its properties.

Tip #2

  • The second tip is crucial to end the crustiness of the bread immediately. Place a damp cloth over the bread and microwave it for about ten to twenty seconds. After a while, your bread will be fresh again. The trick here is not to exceed the time it’s been in the microwave or it will become rubbery.

Tip #3

  • The third trick is the most effective, but may take longer. Place the stale bread into a brown paper bag, lightly spray the inside with water, and seal it. Then, let the bread rest in the bag for fifteen to twenty minutes. This time will help the moisture inside the bag make your bread fluffy and soft again.

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