Learning to Listen – First Edition

María is 58 years old and, as she says, she is in counseling because she thinks she has “a lot of medicine for every situation”. Due to chronic pain in the stomach, Diagnosed with gastritis and treated for irritable bowel and joint pain several times.

His body pain was so severe that he was unable to perform daily activities. 4 years ago he tried one treatment after another, a strict diet plan, anti-inflammatory drugs and antacids, Add to antibiotic schedule from time to time as “helicobacter” will show up on every endoscopy. He took different vitamins but couldn’t find anything that was good for him.

He tries to do physical activity, but everything hurts and he prefers to rest. She’s always torn between work and family, even though she’s alone because of her kids Study abroad, have been separated for 12 years. She rarely goes out with friends, and she is a professor at two institutions. She has physical and mental exhaustion and she wants to build up her defenses because she feels weak and tired.

The first thing you do is get to know yourself through a series of exercises, Write reminders of your activities and feelings. Describe your day: 4 pills, tea and biscuits, light cheese. Where possible, we start with infusions and concentrates.

The point is: learn simple things so you can use them at work.
I advised her to undergo colon lavage therapy. Two or three days will reduce toxins and promote the regeneration of intestinal flora. In general, these treatments provide a deep, careful bowel cleanse. Cleansing can be done at home or by a therapist.

Some patients showed improvement with just a bowel detox, but hers were slower and we added malic acid and mother tincture to cleanse the liver. Leaky gut is synonymous with systemic poisoning So it becomes inflamed, hence the importance of regulating the gut microbiota, eating cooked food facilitates digestion and prepares the gut for the subsequent introduction of raw food.

Everything has to be done in stages, assessing the patient’s condition. Maria’s blood pressure has many fluctuations, which correspond to For the imbalance of water electrolysis in irritable colon, so the contribution of large doses of minerals is important, but supplemented after cleansing.

When we rush to give probiotics, it sometimes exacerbates the imbalance, which increases inflammation.
Treatment should be slow, with lifestyle changes, From learning to work in a more self-centered way, to planning food, to physical and mental rest.

Start taking melatonin and magnesium at night, Pause stimulation, relax your mind, and rest better. Eat more protein at breakfast and avoid dairy and derivatives.

food prepared at home or Healthy foods can help regulate anxiety, Along with herbs like licorice, mugwort, and turmeric infused in a thermos of the day, they aid the inflammatory process.

He learned to focus and started doing tai chi, breathing, stretching and other delicate but pain-free activities. Get plenty of rest to avoid backlogs and hormonal imbalances Just as consistently high levels of cortisol can increase stomach inflammation and colonic irritation. Drinking mineral-rich fluids such as seawater is a good choice.

Then I suggest some massage and osteopathy, so Maria started to calm herself down And reduce the medications that worry her. If we understand each other, we can take care of ourselves.

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