LeBron James and Kevin Durant face off for first time in five years

LeBron James and Kevin Durant Both were in the starting lineup for their respective teams’ preseason finals Los Angeles Lakers and phoenix suns Thursday night at Crypto.com Arena.The two people mentioned NBA The stars have not seen each other since December 2018.

The last time these two players were on the court at the same time was when Durant was playing for the team. golden state warriors And James’ first year in Los Angeles.

Rare footage of LeBron James dominating high school footballParker Johnson

In the game on December 28, James lost to Durant’s Warriors for the second consecutive time. NBA Finals as cleveland cavaliers.

The pair will likely only play a few minutes in the preseason finale before sitting on the bench to focus on the season opener.

LeBron James, Lakers Open vs. Lakers, Nuggets

this denver nuggets As the defending NBA champions, they’re on a mission to avoid championship blues, especially after all the talk they’ve had.

Apart from Nikola JokicSince beating the Lakers, Nuggets members have been pranking the Lakers, including the head coach Mike Malone.

James, 38, will lead the Lakers against the Nuggets on Tuesday in his first game of the year after last season ended Western Conference series.

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