LeBron James appears to respond to fans who made vulgar comments on the sidelines

The Los Angeles Lakers power forward had an apparent reaction to a fan’s vulgar comments from his courtside seat during an NBA game against the Miami Heat at the Kasea Center

LeBron gives subtle reaction to fan comments during Lakers loss to Miami Heat(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

LeBron James was seen looking confused at a young NBA fan who claimed the Los Angeles Lakers star “pulled” his pants during Monday night’s NBA game.

During the team’s most recent game against the Miami Heat at the Cassia Center, James was heckled while running on the court. The taunt was one of many comments directed at the power forward in the video, which has been viewed more than a million times on social media.

Many fans applauded the 38-year-old veteran, and then a young voice shouted, “Don’t fall again!” The four-time NBA champion. James ignored the shouts, crouched down in front of the crowd, and play quickly resumed.

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As James jogged back to his original position, the voice added, “You look like you’re shitting your pants!” LeBron’s face seemed to scrunch up in confusion. Despite hearing the comments, the NBA icon didn’t accept the ridicule and continued to play.

After the video went viral, fans were quick to have mixed reactions to the incident. “Shouldn’t his parents tell him to stop?” read X’s post in response to the video. “Whose kid is this??” one fan asked, while another added: “Children are allowed to do this at a game? Why? Embarrassing a lot of people.”

Social media users also saw the funny side of the video, with one fan commenting: “Man this is so funny” and another chiming in: “Kids in the first round of the heckling draft”

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