LeBron James becomes gladiator over Jalen Ramsey’s insane numbers with Dolphins

Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s wild play this year has shocked several onlookers, including LeBron James.

The Dolphins have become one of the best-looking teams in the National Football League, and their offense is considered by most to be the biggest reason why. Led by coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, wide receiver Tyreek Hill and many others, the Dolphins offense is one of the best in football.

Recently, LeBron James took to Twitter to give his thoughts on another aspect of the Dolphins: the secondary, praising superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s performance this season.

Ramsey has achieved something statistically Make Darrelle Revis blush.

Hill recently spoke about his injured hand and how it affects him off the field. Hill praised Ramsey after a big game against the Raiders.

James brought up Ramsey’s crazy performance this season in the “Gladiator” movie, which got people talking.

“Yeah King James, I’m really happy,” one fan responded, turning his attention back to the Lakers star.

Another fan took a page from Austin Reeves’ book and simply wrote “him” and included a photo of the Dolphins star with his post.

β€œBest corner in the league,” another fan added, referencing Dolphins star Ramsey.

Another fan took aim at LeBron for his infamous driving violation in Utah against the Jazz.

Ramsey has quietly been having one of the best seasons for an NFL defense in recent memory, and everything he’s done has been done on defense while the defense has been forced to shoulder the burden of an offense that’s been able to pass through the air. The pass bombarded the opponent and also went to the ground at times.

The Dolphins’ next game is on the road against the Jets — a chance for Ramsey to show fans of Revis’ former team that he may be the best backup cornerback since retiring.

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