LeBron James, close friend of person implicated in doping scandal investigated by DEA

A decade ago, the U.S. sports world was rocked by doping scandals involving such well-known Major League Baseball figures as Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz and Ryan Braun.

“Operation Three Strikes” was a federal investigation into Biogenesis that shook the foundation of the sport and led to Tony Boss, the man behind the doping clinic, and seven associates. What has not been made public so far, however, is news about the other athletes and figures involved in the operation, from world boxing and wrestling champions to fitness gurus, artists and even law enforcement.

name revealed

More than 1,400 pages of unredacted federal investigative documents obtained by ESPN shed light on the involvement of some of the biggest names in the doping scandal. Surprising names include former WWE star Paul “The Big Show” Wight; Shannon Briggs, a former boxing champion; David Alexander, One of the most recognized coaches of outstanding athletes; and Ernest “Randy” Mims, a friend of LeBron James and the famed basketball player’s director of operations.

Non-consensual friendships and relationships

In their investigation into this intriguing doping story in American sports, federal authorities told ESPN they have found no evidence that David Alexander or Ernest Mims doped any athletes. . However, their relationship with LeBron James has intrigued researchers. Despite this connection, investigators concluded that there was no indication that LeBron James was involved in activity related to doping (PED): “There was never any indication that LeBron James did anything wrong,” said the DEA lead investigator.

Interesting story about Mims and Alexander

The way Ernest Mims and David Alexander inadvertently got LeBron James’ name into federal documents is almost as bizarre as the entire saga of the South Florida investigation. In May 2013, at the height of the federal investigation, DEA surveillance details captured Mims and Alexander meeting with Carlos Acevedo, a key target in the investigation. Acevedo later became a confidential informant for federal agents, was running his own performance-enhancing drug distribution network at the time, and no longer had any ties to Tony Bosch, the mastermind behind Biogenesis.

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