LeBron James’ comments after loss to Nuggets were thinking only of himself, not the Lakers

IThe Los Angeles Lakers lost their first game of the season to the Denver Nuggets, and LeBron James seemed very frustrated with the way he was used in the game. At one point in the middle of the game, he talked to coach Davon Hamm and reminded him that he could also play point guard.

This clearly hints at the fact that he doesn’t want to be on the bench when the game is at stake. After the game he decided to criticize the system and outdo the rest of his teammates. At the end of the game, LeBron James scored 21 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists.appear next to Anthony Davishe also appeared deeply disappointed when interviewed by the media.

James was asked about his own performance and system Darwin Ham. LeBron James He didn’t mince words, but still showed he wasn’t thinking about the team’s end goal. He said after the game: “Although we didn’t win, for me, my performance and my personal performance on the court, I think I was very effective. Even for the team, I am an asset.” , no turnovers. “So I mean, I always want to be on the court, especially when you have a chance to win a game or feel like you can make an impact, but I want to have a system in place and I’m going to follow it, “He said helplessly.

Can LeBron James become a better team player?

At some point, the conclusion is not to use LeBron James It’s a coaching mistake when the team needs a player like him the most. It’s easy to understand why James was so frustrated with the results, but he’s a seasoned veteran and should also understand that these issues are discussed internally. At least that’s what other teams in the league do. NBA But LeBron James deserves enough credit to publicly criticize his coaches and teammates like this. Of course, they’re all free to respond to LeBron, but they’re unlikely to do so in public the way he did.

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